Monday, October 03, 2005

Marathon aftermath

4 hours, 51 minutes and some seconds. I started too fast because I couldn't believe how good I felt and then my 10 min 30 sec miles turned into 12 minute miles at the end. Reality sunk in around mile 11: Oh wait. I have to run 15 miles more! UGH.

Only one portopot stop. That's a personal best. :-) Today, I'm feeling really good as long as I have a steady stream of ibuprofen running through my veins.

Best sign on the course was around mile nine:


Best t-shirt sign handwritten on the back of some guy running in front of me from mile four to about 10:

GO BOB GO! 26.1!!

I hope the last .1 mile didn't do him in!

And what an awesome job my speedy friend, Mary, did in the 10 mile run! Way to go, Mary! She'll be kicking butt in the full marathon next year.

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