Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Meanest mom in the whole, entire world

It's too much to expect one full afternoon of happy mother/child quality time. Spidey and I had a great afternoon while sister was off on a playdate. We went to the fancy grocery store together. We went out for coffee and hot chocolate. We scoured Target for surplus mittens and gloves. We had an impromptu lightsaber duel in the toy aisle. We left Target without buying a single toy and there were no tears!

It was just too much good behavior for one day and he called me "stupid" on the way home for not letting him play at his friend's house when we picked up the sister.

I sent him to his room and told him he could come out after he had written a note of apology. I would be accomodating. I would go so far as telling him how to spell "sorry" or I would write the note myself and he could copy it. Another alternative was that he could draw a picture for me, showing he was sorry.

He chose the latter and came out of his room with this.

Please note that is Spidey on the left, arms folded in defiance, eyes looking away. And that's me on the right. I would say that's a pretty good interpretation of my face. He's got my evil glare down pat.

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  1. Wow, that is a great letter of apology. I would frame it.