Monday, November 28, 2005

Perhaps we can scratch compulsive gambler off our list of worries?

We were having a discussion at the dinner table tonight about what went on in school and work when Hank announced that a friend brought a Sparky the Fire Safety Dog to school for sharing time. Hank said that his friend "ordered it" at one of the summer's fire station open houses and Hank wanted to order one for himself next year. Gary explained that his friend didn't order the Sparky Dog but that he won it; that all the kids and parents put their names on pieces of paper, put them in a big bucket, and the firemen picked out a few names to win the Sparky Dogs.

Hank sat at the table a long time thinking about it and then, with kind of a smug look on his face and the same tone in his voice said, "Well, that's not winnin'; that's just GETTIN'!"

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