Sunday, December 04, 2005

Keep your eyes peeled

We had the friendliest waitress Saturday night at a restaurant that used to be a gas station. We were playing cribbage and waiting for our pizza when she came over to our table and said, "Come outside quick! You have to see this before it's gone!" It was about -50° but we went running out of the restaurant anyway without our coats because she was our waitress and she said to do it!

At first I thought it was the northern lights, but then I wasn't sure because the lights surrounded the cities and they didn't move at all. 360° of light pillars in different colors; some brighter than others. And they all pointed straight up and gave the appearance of converging WAY up above our heads. It was super cool.

I tried to get a picture of it with my camera phone but no luck. Here's a news link that has some pictures from the night:

WCCO Light pillar slideshow

(Aren't you all impressed with the degree symbol? I am. Now that I know how to produce the degree symbol on my keyboard, watch for many more posts about the weather and baking.)

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