Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You've got instant messages

I have never used iChat, the instant messaging program that comes with Mac. I'm 40. I don't need to talk to anybody, let alone instantaneously. So imagine my surprise when, after accidently clicking on the chat icon, Mr. Bickerson's name came up followed by a long list of "buddies," many of whom started IMing me:




Hey there.


Hey beautiful.

R u there?

Where r u?

Hey Lisa do we have 2 have facts on caves when we write the report about caves tomorrow?

Ah. NOT Mr. Bickerson's buddies; rather our 14 year-old babysitter's.

The messages kept coming and I kept ignoring them and then someone by the name Samson-something got irritated and called my sweet babysitter a bad name for not replying to his/her IM. I wrote back telling this person that he/she needs to confirm to whom the IMs are being sent before sending a bad word because you never know when you might be instant messaging the mother of the children whom that person babysits! Hmph!

I thought that would show him (I'm sure it was a him) but then he wrote back: Oh yeah well if ur not lisa why r u signed on with her sn?

Because she didn't sign herself out?

Long story short, I called our babysitter and left a voicemail explaining that one of her buddies thinks I'm she and she might want to straighten that out with "Samson." I then IM'd "Samson" recommending he call Lisa and tell her to check her voicemail and then they could have a little chat about what was going on and who was who. He said he would do that even though it was perfectly clear to him that I was in fact Lisa. He said he was going to have a big laugh when I answered the phone.

Teenagers are exhausting, no?

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