Friday, January 13, 2006

Today's tibits

• I started The Nannie Diaries today. Very funny book and I am really glad I didn't have to dress up in a Teletubby costume for Halloween.
• The clerk at the newstand announced the cost of my purchases: That'll be $14.01. I hand her my credit card. She looks at me, swipes the card and asks: Don't you have a penny? No, I don't have a penny and did you notice I gave you a credit card? Oh well. Giggle. Tap-tap-tap on the cash register. I credited you a penny so you'll have a nice, even '14' on your receipt, see?
• I want to give an inservice to Starbucks employees about lid/cup seam allignment. You must maintain at minimum of 90 degrees (preferably 180) between the spout of the lid (the sipper part) and the seam in the cup. Under no circumstances are you to line up the spout and the seam! There's too much potential for spillage and leakage!
• People-watching in the Dallas airport was totally entertaining. I played I Spy a Crazy Person and/or Runner." Anyone with a Bluetooth ear thingy was classified as a crazy person. They may not actually BE crazy but they sure do LOOK IT!

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