Friday, February 03, 2006

Brokeback Mountain observations

1. Ennis probably had a horrible father.
2. Jack and Ennis could have been brothers. Jack's parents were as quiet as Ennis.
3. The casting director for Brokeback Mountain did a most excellent job casting Jack's parents and the 19 year-old daughter of Ennis. Or perhaps they were related in real life.
4. Sheep herding would be boring as hell unless you were working with your life partner/husband.
5. So that's what Peggy's mother looks like!
6. Either I need to be evaluated for a severe auditory processing disorder or the combination of Ennis's mumbling and poor Willow Creek sound quality made me miss 25% of the dialogue in the movie.
7. When you go to a movie in Minnesota you have a 50% chance of purchasing Milk Duds-gone-stale.
8. All moviegoers perk up when two, extremely handsome and naked guys jump from a high cliff, allowing their dangly bits to be viewed everso briefly.
9. Sideburns can be sexy but not "1972 Sexy."
10. Ralph Lauren's got a handle on the Sexy Cowboy Wardrobe.
11. Continuity error: Alma Jr. unbuckled her seatbelt at age 19. Wasn't that 1983-86? In rural Wyoming?

And last but not least:

11. Any movie with Randy Quaid in it makes me desperate to see National Lampoon's Vacation.

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