Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pushing maximum density

I am trying to change my eating habits and lose a little weight. I've been on a diet most of my life and the only time I was really successful at losing weight was when I had brain damage in 2003. The infection in my left hemisphere left me with temporary expressive language problems and no desire to eat. The language problems went away in less than a day but the head pain and lack of appetite lasted for three weeks. I remember feeling amazed at the realization that I was never hungry. (I was thirsty, though. The neurologist put me on a fluid restriction for three days after I got out of the hospital and I would have killed a litter of puppies with my bare hands for a cup of water.)

But I got hungry again and started back with my old habits of pretty much eating everything I see and I want to change that. Recently I've been trying to pay attention to when I am actually hungry and I try to eat something healthy then, and eat it slowly so I don't overdo it. Have you ever watched me eat? I am a pig.

So guess what? I am not hungry. And since I started paying attention to my hunger pangs, I think I am hardly ever hungry. There are a number of things in the refridgerator and cupboard that I would really like to stuff in my face right now but I'm waiting for the go-ahead hunger sensation. I'm ready to chow down!

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