Friday, February 17, 2006

Hey, Blue Cross!

You and your ridiculously high premiums can go take a looooooooooong hike as of Monday, okay? We won't be putting up with your crap anymore. We are a relatively healthy family and we do not go to the doctor excessively. Did you notice that the kids had a total of four visits to the doctor (including two well checks) in the year 2005? Did you notice that Gary and I visited a Minute Clinic only one time each? Did you notice or do you even care that Gary quit smoking last summer? Did you notice that we are hooked on yoga and high on life? Do you care? Do you give a crap? You and your freaking high premiums indicate you do not. Sayonara muchachos.

I thank Mary, whose deodorant rant got me all riled up today. :-)

Blue Cross

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  1. Stink it up girl!

    Feels good doesn't it?