Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentine 5K

Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson

Mr. Bickerson and I decided that we needed to replenish our supply of 5K and 10K local race shirts so we started off the year with the Valentine 5K. It was cold and windy but fun and so worth it because of the quality shirt! It was New Balance Lightning Dry with long sleeves and this cute valentine on the front:

Valentine 5K

How cute is that!

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  1. I did the Lake Harriet Valentine's Day 5K in 1993, I think. I'm wearing my long-sleeved T-shirt from that race at this very moment (as pajamas). When I put it on tonight, I noticed that I can pretty much see skin through it! But it's perfect for sleeping, so I won't be getting rid of it anytime soon.