Saturday, March 11, 2006

All National Geographic all the time

I can't stop watching The Dog Whisperer. It's very clear that a lot of the dog psychology you learn about on the show applies to my kids. And it dawned on me today, as I was thinking about what a quiet, powerful force Hank's kindergarten teacher is, that Mrs. K. is The Kindergarten Whisperer. She has the calm/assertive personality that Cesar Millan talks about. I do not. I try, but I think I need to go to doggy bootcamp, or something.

And speaking of dogs, Katherine loaned me her dog's backpack to try with Peggy. Peggy is walking well on the leash but she is very anxious to trot faster. The Dog Whisperer frequently puts a backpack on an active dog for the walks, to give the dog the sense of a mission by making her work harder.

So if you see us out there you may assume that Peggy will be toting a lot of snacks for her leader -- me!

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