Monday, December 17, 2007

He was not amused

We paid a little emergency visit to our local Genius Bar™ to seek the advice of a Genius™ Sunday after church. I think we've been excommunicated. From the Apple Store, not church. See here was the problem:

It's always safe to assume the worst when you see someone holding a blow dryer to a laptop keyboard. Mr. Bickerson had oopsy-daisied just a titch of Miller Light onto the keyboard Saturday night. (That's how we roll on Saturdays, yo.) Turns out that Mac laptops don't drink. So we let it dry out Saturday over night and made a Genuis™ appointment for the next day. By Sunday some of the keys were already functioning so Mr. B. knew it wasn't a death sentence. He really just needed a spare Mac keyboard to plug in and see if that was the extent of the problem.

Long story short: The computer is okay even if it does smell a little like fraternity 12 hours after a home game. Our Genuis™, however, has put us on The Official List of Apple Customers Who Shall be Shunned Henceforth.


  1. So they do drink, the key board that is.

    Just keep it away from the hard stuff.

  2. Once our keyboard became broken when I threw it across the room at my husband, but hit the hard wall instead. Don't worry, it was pre-kids.