Thursday, April 13, 2006

And we have a winner

A bad habit has been festering in our family for the past several years. One or both of the kids finds it necessary to wake up at about 3:30 a.m. and climb into bed with Gary and me. They cling to me like monkeys until I either get up to be up for the day or we drag them back to their beds. On the rare occasion they both sleep in their own beds it has been heavenly. I LOVE to get up early in the morning when kids sleep in a little. The newspaper is easier to read and the coffee seems to taste better. And then when they do get up I am delighted to see their sleep-smushed faces and disheveled hair. If, on the other hand, I've been kicked and kneed in the ribs and head for three hours, and coughed on, I tend to not be as pleasant as I could be in the A.M.

So last night I announced that there would be a PRIZE for children who stay in their own beds all night.

What's the prize, Mommy? What will it be? Will it be an Xbox? A Gameboy?

I wasn't quite sure exactly what that prize would be but I knew I could come up with something reasonable in 10 hours. There was a risk that the winning child or children would not view the prize as something to covet and instead look at me as some kind of mom who cried wolf and secretly vow to never allow me a complete night's sleep ever, ever, ever again.

Lame or awesome? At six in the morning he was too drowsy to care but he was the lucky winner of the Totally Amazing Trix on the Couch/TV in the Morning Prize! Yay Hank! Way to sleep in your own bed all night!


Your sister, on the other hand...

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  1. I love the shot of Hank with the sun coming through.