Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Regifting or Worst Mom of the Day

You know how your average three year-old likes to pick things up off the ground and give them to her parents as gifts? Hope gives Gary and me so many things. Early in the spring she liked to pick up sidewalk salt nuggets (the ice-melting kind) on our way to preschool, to give to daddy when he got home from work every day. There was the mother/father rock collection in January. Every day she would pick several rocks from the landscaping near our front door as special treasures for Gary and me.

We love the sentiment. Really, really we do. But how many gifts of rock salt and gravel can you keep?

Tonight I was busted. We were sitting out by the fire in the yard, enjoying the beautiful early evening. Hope brought me one after another of these little clover flowers. Or something. They looked like teeny, tiny pansies. They were pretty but, come on, they are weeds. I was willing to hold and keep and maybe even press one of them. But they kept coming. And I had chocolate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. And so I figured out that Peggy (our dog) was more than willing to eat the flowers. Hope would walk up and give me a treasured flower weed and as she walked away I'd let Peggy eat it. An efficient system, in my opinion.

So I thought.

She was counting them! And when she was done -- at 10 -- she expected to see the bouquet.

MOM! I gived you TEN flowers! Where these flowers go??

I could have lied but I told her the truth -- that I fed them to her dog and her dog REALLY, REALLY liked the flowers she picked!! (Happy, happy, smile, smile!!)

I'll let you know if she's forgiven me in the morning.

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