Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More is always better

Class ski trip to Hyland. Hank is HIGH on skiing and came home determined to find someone to take him back out to the slopes tonight. I think he called 15 friends. One mom caved and was going to take her son and Hank until I talked her down. The kids were skiing ALL DAY.

And now I am "the worst mother in the world." Also, "the stupidest mother."

He's going to be in his room for a looooong time.


  1. Yeah but did he leave dozens of index cards scattered about like a lover would leave rose petals, all inscribed, "I HATE MY MOM?". Because that's what William did when I refused to go back.

    He's still pouting.

  2. Love the visual, Happy Hausfrau! Make sure to tell him all about it one day when his kids are doing the same.

  3. Ohhh, Clyde came home saying the same thing. That's called teaching moderation.

    Nicely done Whit.