Sunday, July 30, 2006

In summary

We just got home from our trip and it's late but we have a pizza in the oven and kids in bed so I thought I could give you a little summary of the bike trip.

  • Lance Armstrong rides very fast and thinks most Iowans drink a lot.
  • It continues to be hotter than hell in Iowa. Riding your bike in those weather conditions felt a lot like you were in a pizza oven. A rolling convection pizza oven. Man, it was HOT.
  • It was humid. If you're going to camp in Iowa in the last part of July don't expect your clothes or tent gear to ever dry out. Along with that, don't expect to smell okay. It's not possible.
  • When you are sweating six quarts of sweat by 9 a.m., one or two Bloody Mary's for breakfast have little impact.
  • If I had to choose between having a heart attack peddling uphill and crashing to the pavement going downhill, based on this year's route of hills I'd rather die going downhill.
  • Don't decide that Ragbrai would be a good time to learn to use aerobars. It's not.


  1. What the hell's your problem!? It's ONLY 99 degrees here in Iowa today with a heat index of 107. Sheesh, a perfect day for biking! You would think you needed a vitamin B12 shot or something. (Just kidding!)