Thursday, August 24, 2006

No one's ever accused me of being a neatnik

But in the olden days (approx., 1978-1999 b.k. [i.e., before kids]) tomorrow's to do list would've included
  • Target -- tweezer
Why? Because I would throw away the one that I just used to pull off not one but (count 'em) two, yes two, disgusting ticks off of my sweet girl, Peggy's, snout. Having a four and six year old leaves one unfazed in the face of maybe using dog-tick-pulling tweezers tomorrow morning to pluck stray uni-eyebrow hairs.

(Note: I'm thinking about awarding some kind of prize to the person who can show me, citing some Manual of Style, how in the hell the above should be punctuated. I did my best without looking anything up. And I know I ended that last one with a preposition. I don't give a crap. Sometimes blogging is hard.)

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