Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Scientology and Tom Cruise

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I feel sorry for him. Granted, I don't know the ins and outs of scientology but it sure sounds like a brainwashing cult if you ask me. There's a scientology storefront in downtown Minneapolis and many a wine-soaked post-Thai dinner walk I have teased Mr. Bickerson about going inside and taking their "personality test." Lucky for me, Mr. Bickerson doesn't think it's funny to joke about joining cults.

I hope somebody can help Tom Cruise. I hope Katie Holmes' parents can help her get out of the trap she seems to have gotten herself into. If there is, in fact, a baby, I hope somebody can help. It all sounds like a rotten, weird mess.

UPDATE: I just went ahead and took the online personality test. Here it is if you want to amuse yourself. 200 questions. I answered the first 150 to the best of my ability and then I was like SCREW THIS and randomly answered the rest of the questions to make a pleasing zig-zag pattern. You should read the questions. They are weirdly worded. The results page indicates that scientology can help make my life better.

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  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Mrs. B,

    Mitch Berg from "Shot in the Dark" and the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers here. Pardon the off-topic comment - but I can't find an email address.

    We're having the MOB summer party on 9/9 at Keegan's in Minneapolis, and I want to make sure you get an invite.

    If you think you can make it, drop a line at "northernallianceparty@hotmail.com" if you're interested. Love to meet you!

    Mitch Berg