Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Holy working breed, Peggy!

Mother was a blue heeler and father? A lab? A border collie? We don't know the paternity but she has to be part sled dog. This morning for our run/bike event I added some weight: Hope in the Trek trailer. I still had Peggy leashed to the rear frame of my bike. I did not peddle. She pulled us for 3.5 miles and this time we went up a few slight hills that were hilly enough that she had to dig in to get us up them. She seemed to enjoy it. Hope was shouting most of the way: "GO PEGGY!! YOU GO GIRL!! WHOO!" We had to stop at 3.5 because Peggy was huffing and puffing really hard but I think she would have gone around the loop again if we told her to. Is there some kind of strong dog contest I could enter her in? Because I think she'd win.

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