Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tugs the heart

I read Hank the entire school lunch menu for the month of September before bed tonight. Up to today he had been insisting that he wanted to take his lunch to school. I've been pushing the hot lunch option because I loved hot lunches at school and I want him to, too. He told me that he was worried that teachers will make him eat a lot of things he doesn't want to eat. I tried to reassure him that no one would force-feed him anything. As I was reading all the items to him, I got to about September 15th and he pointed at that date and said, "Well, Mom. I'll probably be able to read better by this day and so then I can start eating hot lunches at school."

He's worried that he'll have to read the menu!

I assured him that pointing politely and saying, "I'll have some of this, please," would probably work just fine.

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