Sunday, October 01, 2006

20 minutes to webstreaming

I'm waiting for KARE 11 to start the web broadcast of the marathon which started at 8 this morning. Mary should be passing FizzyLizzy's viewing point about now. It's a beautiful day for a run here in Minnesota. Hopefully the weather will be nice for Arnold, too!

We were at the Metrodome last night for a football game and while I was kind of feeling sorry for my not-running-the-marathon-ultimately-because-I'm-lazy self I was entertained by the remote-controlled camera that flies above the field during the game. I've decided I want to be a Skycam operator one of my next lives.


Can you find the Skycam camera in this picture?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for keeping an eye on us and cheering us on via the internet. You rock!

    We both made it to the finish and are now heavily popping Motrin.

    Oh any by the way...Spankx hide ANY sin. I wore them when I was pregnant to fit into a non-pregnancy dress.