Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bickerson conversation; abbv.

Me: Honey, it's okay. I appreciate fully that you don't like choral mu-

He: And I don't.

For those of you who DO enjoy choral music I will let you know when the American Voices concert will be replayed on MPR. Several composers of the concert pieces were in the audience. Libby Larson was introduced to the choir in the warm-up room and she had to have a little assist to get up on the podium to wave because she, like many Minnesotans (yay to Mary and Adam for finishing your firsts!), ran the TCM this morning, a beautiful but slightly warm day to run one. I didn't know she was a marathon runner but you can spy that post-marathon shuffle from several blocks away.

The concert was good. It was a hoot to stand on the stage at Orchestra Hall. One debate that raged backstage: Slip or no slip? Do the slinky black dresses adequately conceal white underpants? I know for my own self they do not adequately conceal night before Town Hall Fish and Chips with Jalapeno Tarter Sauce + Metrodome Frosty Malt Bloat. My friend, Jenny-from-the-block, recommends Spankx. I'm going to consider going that route.

Music related: Why can I find no recordings online of Dominick Argento's They Shall Hunger No More which was performed tonight by Cantus? It was my church service for the year. Never heard anything more beautiful than that. Never, never.

PS: Speaking of the Metrodome, $3.75 for a freaking 20 oz. bottle of water?? $6 for a bottle of beer?? At $2.75 the frosty malts were a relative bargain. I shoulda had two!

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  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    It WAS an awesome concert - Bravo! I particularily loved The God who Gave us Life
    Wowie zowie!
    (And who doesn't love Skip to my Lou?)

    Good work! We're looking forward to Ghost Songs at the end of the month!!