Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lunch date

Hope and I dined with the 1st graders today. If I ever win the lottery I would donate some money to charity. One of those charity donations would go to the purchase and installation of acoustic foam like this to pad the walls and ceilings of elementary school cafeterias all across Minnesota. Dear God in Heaven it's loud in there. How does any elementary school teacher maintain his or her sanity for three days straight in an environment like that? I'm not a pacifist but I'm pretty nice and even I wanted to punch out the lunch lady after three minutes of being there. I couldn't hear two words anyone said to me but by reading lips, two children in Hank's class requested play dates a.s.a.p.

The food was fine. Hank preordered the "bagel bag" for his sister and me. He assumed correctly that, although I love me some Mexican cuisine, everyone should steer clear from an elementary school menu item called enchilada "bake." Thank you, Hank!

He and a friend were food assistants for the day which meant that they wiped the tables after the class was finished eating. In their haste to get to the playground they missed a few spots and drips. When I called this to their attention, rather than walk back to the cranky custodian and get the soapy rag, they proceded to wipe the remaining milk, cheese, boogers, and crumbs from the table with their shirt sleeves.

Oh, why the hell not? They gotta get to the playground, baby!

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  1. I think I'm developing a "baby" tic at the end of my posts, baby.