Friday, October 27, 2006


It's gonna be a fun concert this weekend. Rehearsals Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and three hours before the concert Sunday. Church choir singing was a little less intense! It's not a Prairie Home Companion show but it is a Halloween concert with Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion people that will be broadcast nationally on NPR next year for Halloween.

Chorus members have to wear costumes during the first half of the show and I was struggling to come up with something that I had around home so I didn't have to spend any money. I decided I could wear bike clothes and make a giant hypodermic needle out of aluminum foil and a paper towel tube and call myself a Tour de France Participant. Gary didn't think that was cool so he offered up one of his Navy uniforms, so I'm going as a Village People/a.k.a. Guy in the Navy.

In the garage search for his Navy uniform he came across a few momentos:


  1. Gary's picture on his Navy ID looks a lot like Elvis. What a looker! Can he sing too? Dance?

  2. oh! you should've gone with the hypo needle. I would've laughed.