Saturday, November 04, 2006

Swim like a fish

I have only one complaint and that was that the swim meet was FOUR HOURS LONG. But as a mother of a child who has sunk like a stone in swim lessons for the past two years it was AMAZING to see him swim! There's some kind of magic involved in blowing a horn to signal the start of a race that allows your child to actually remain on the surface of the water not just for half the length of the pool but for two lengths! I don't think he's ever made it the length of the pool doing the freestyle but under the pressure of racing today Hank swam the 50 yard freestyle without stopping to clutch of the side of the pool. I couldn't believe my eyes. And it was difficult to see because there were some tears in the way. He also swam the 25 yard freestyle and the 25 yard backstroke. Most important of all, he loved every minute of it.

Slideshow here.

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  1. Way to goooooooo Hank!!!