Saturday, December 23, 2006

Airing of grievances

I hate public restroom towel dispensers affixed too high on the wall such that water runs up the arms when reaching for towels. (I believe I mentioned this one last year.)

What's wrong with good old "small, medium, and large" when it comes to naming sizes of that crack-laden KFC Popcorn Chicken? I'd rather say "large" than "family-size" when I know THEY know that the popcorn chicken I order is not getting anywhere near the rest of my family.

I think Ozzy should have won Survivor. Yul was smart but Ozzy won all the challenges. That ought to count more.

(That is all for now.)


  1. As long as we're on the subject of airing grievances about public restrooms, I have two grievances about public restrooms. First, sometimes the door opens to the sight of someone urinating. Secondly, there are many stalls that don't have anything that indicates the stall is occupied.