Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr. Bickerson needs an intervention

He seems to be challenging himself to fill our harddrive with all of the music available at the library. I plugged in my shuffle to charge it up so I could run Peggy with pleasant music accompaniment this morning and it autofilled with his most recent new additions including Anne Murray's You Needed Me, Chic's Le Freak, and three too many songs by Culture Club.

Gary, please stop. Just because a song's been recorded on a CD you don't have to have it.


  1. While his and Gary's musical tastes wouldn't overlap entirely, Paul needs similar help. He even bought an external flash drive to store his music on. Is there some sort of twelve-step program?

  2. heheh, it's an external hard drive, and I've got the same problem, too :D I'll start a support group for us music junkies, if you'd like!