Friday, January 12, 2007

An exception to The Hat Rule

Mr. Bickerson had the pleasure of getting the kids off to school this morning. He's a stickler for the Hats-Off-Indoors Rule and had this anecdote to relate to me tonight:

He and Hank bid adieu to Hope in preschool and walked together down the hall to Hank's classroom where the first graders were lined up, waiting for the okay to enter.

(I admire the first grade teachers. They seem to have everything so...together. But sometimes I like to imagine that they wait until the very last second before the morning bell to open the classroom door because they are all in there downing shots of tequila in hopes of making it through another day. You know. Like I do. Every day.)

Anyway, Hank had his hat on and Gary reminded him, "When you're inside you take your hat off," to which one of his cute little classmates replied (and we don't his name), "We're s'posed to wear our hats indoors. We have LICE!"

Touche' little dude. Touche'.

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  1. Have they tried Gary's "sippable" tequila?