Tuesday, February 06, 2007

American Idol

I'm thinking a Billy Idol song is almost never an okay song for an audition. And I think you should be disqualified instantly by the camouflage pants. Why the ubiquity of camouflage clothing in the civilian population, especially the elementary school boy group?

Now that we are utilizing our hi-def television capabilities here in the Bickerson household I am entranced by Paula's lip gloss and the hair on the back of Simon's hands.

Remember the widower with the petition to sing in last week's show? Wasn't that the best American Idol moment ever? Will that ever be topped? No.

Note to self: Let's use the saying, "Off you go," in activities of daily living. Also, say it with a British accent.

The jam sessions in the waiting crowd of singers look like a good time.

I like Simon.

My heart breaks for the delusional people who think they have a chance to make it past the first round. Why hasn't someone gently steered her away from putting herself in the position of being the butt of a joke on this show? I'm confused. I'm entertained by the (clearly people who are) nutjobs and the talented singers. I'm sad for the other ones. Did you see the tears pouring out of her eyes?

I used to think Randy Jackson was related to The Gloved One. Mr. Bickerson educated me.

What's the theme song? I really loved the "Had a Bad Day" song from the last season.

Uh oh. KFC commercial. Pavlovian conditioning kicks in. "POPCORN CHICKENNNN!" There's a 90% chance I'll be having some of that sometime tomorrow.

"The Wedding Bells" looks promising. And you know what I really need is another television show to record and stay up late to watch.

Oh, Akron! Those cousins were awesome. Don't you love seeing people THAT happy!?

Okay, so these auditions are unaccompanied. Is there some kind of loud background noise we the TV audience can't hear? Because a surprising number of these singers are plugging an ear so they can hear themselves sing over the imaginary background noise. That's a little odd.

Jack Bauer invades our living rooms at a special time next week for a full two-hour (literally!) television event! From the preview it looks like he's getting ready to torture a nuclear bomb.

I like it how Paula tries to soften Simon's blow.

Feeling Good by Michael Buble´makes me want to do some spinal twist yoga stuff from BodyFlow. Funny how a song makes you want to do sun salutations, chest presses, or clean and press. Thanks to YMCA classes almost all of my favorite songs are linked to yoga, tai chi, weights, and running.

I've never watched "Bones."

The first time I ate at a "Joe's Crab Shack" was in San Antonio.

I vote an automatic "no" for any singer sporting an Amish beard.

Who doesn't love Ellen Degeneres?

"House" is crazy but and that's why I love that show. He's a little cynical, isn't he.

JIMMY! "Cupid!" Freakin' really good. Very open, nice, ever-so-slightly raspy vocal tone. Nice.

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