Monday, February 12, 2007

Yet more swimming

Gary and I were convinced that the swim meet last Saturday (sectionals) would be the last of the season. We are ready for a break. The swim team has involved way more swimming than we expected. But Hank has really enjoyed it and we've all made some nice friends with the parents as have Hank and Hope with the other kids. But the swim meets are LOOOONNGGG. Parents with older kids tell us how nice it is with school swim teams when the competition has a much more narrow age range. With club meets like the Y there are so many age groups that the meets go on for hours.

So we thought we were done with the season until I learned tonight that Hank's two relays qualified for the state meet. Hank is excited and we are so proud (a little surprised!) yet very, very tired.

And I guess I will have to miss it because we have el grandé choir rehearsal that same day. So. Sing or swim? I guess both. Mr. Bickerson will have to cheer twice as loud as usual.


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