Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cabin Fever? Cured.

Shack Nasty (costume party at the Fine Line) was fun. The theme was music. My costume was lame. I went with a bunch of rest signs pinned to my shirt. I was well-rested. Get it? No? You were not alone. Roxy, our hostess was the "OH" in "8-6-7-5-3-OH-9-ee-eye-ine." Britney and K-Fed were there. Britney needed a shave. (No offense, Brit.) There were several "D*** in a Box(es)." The Bare Naked Ladies were there. I saw two Bjorks, four Devo, 2x2 Captain and Tennilles, one disco ball, two church choir members, one Prince, one Glen Campbell (mugshot style), one Jesus, several members of the B-52s, inexplicably Sheriff Buford T. Justice was there. What the? But by far the best costumes were the Schoolhouse Rock Conjunction Junction Engineer and Figure Eight Ice-skater and the Elton John, Pinball Wizard version.

Oh. I almost forgot. Truffles with dinner! We ate at Bulldog N.E. which is a beer and hamburger joint but not the average kind. I had a hamburger with Kobe beef. It was good but the fries? Oh. My. There were three varieties to choose from and I opted for the "truffled fries with Parmesan aioli." I've never had anything with truffles or truffle oil. I've read about it. Now I know. One truffled French fry is all you need. It is hard to describe the flavor and how good it is. It's more than flavor. It was so good. It was kind of like a drug and/or kind of religious experience. I highly recommend having truffles with your French fries.

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