Friday, April 13, 2007

Breath of the Cannonball

The things you learn at a conference for speech pathologists in 2007:

GWOT = Global War on Terror (pronounced gee-wot)
OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom
OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom
IED = Improvised Exploding Device
VBIED = Vehicle Borne Improvised Exploding Device (i.e., car bomb)
EFP = Explosive Formed Projectiles
RPG = Rocket Propelled Grenade
PRC = Polytrauma Rehab Center (The MN V.A. is one of four)


  1. I just got a publication from the speech and hearing science dept at the university of Illinois and they have received a $1 mil grant to study the effects of TBI on blast survivors and train the upcoming slp clinicians in this specialty area. I read that during the Vietnam conflict, these blast victims did not survive, but that 20% of Iraqi vets survive and sustain TBI. Is that consistent with what you heard at your conference?

  2. I think they quoted a higher survival rate for OIF and OEF. I'll forward you the handouts. The reason so many more survive blast injuries now is due to how fast they get the soldiers out. Average is 36 hours in Iraq. It was 48 days in Vietnam. They waited until the ship was full before sailing out.

  3. Holy Moly! Let me know when you email those to me. I still haven't received an email from you for over a year. Maybe something's wrong on my end. Thanks.