Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jackie Greene

We've been waiting for this guy to come back to town and we just got the Music at the Zoo schedule which shows Jackie Greene there on Saturday July 28. We will have to miss it. I am SO disappointed. We saw him there last year and we were speechless afterward. He's very, very talented. (You all should go.) And after watching this clip I like him even more because he actually acknowledges the other musicians at the end of the song. You don't see many pop performers do that anymore. Sometimes they don't even acknowledge the audience applause at all.

Speaking of music, there were a couple of moments in rehearsal for Bolcom last night (first time with orchestra) that felt like the thrill Evel Knievel must have felt jumping over the Grand Canyon. Will it all go off as planned? We shall see...


  1. either that, or we're fonzie and the shark...

  2. I'm feeling better about all this. like, maybe we're only richie, instead of fonzie.

    it would help if I could at least see the big big screen. I'm starting to run out of crosswords for all the in-between times when we're not singing.

  3. I wondered what you were thinking now. I am LOVING it. Hopefully we will get to see it on TV? I heard the union voted yes. It's hard to hear the audience whoop when we can't see what's happening.

    You could knit like me or do a Rubiks puzzle like the tuba player over on my side. :-)