Saturday, June 16, 2007


They blew the whistle at the pool to make all the swimmers get out for the hourly pool check and I saw one of the lifeguards make a beeline for something in the gutter. I was pretty sure it wasn't poo because he scooped it up with his bare hand to show to the other lifeguards. It was a dead bird. A short discussion ensued among three guards. One radioed a supervisor. The one holding the dead bird in his bare hand said, "Does this constitute contamination?" The supervisor didn't think so so they went ahead and blew the get-back-in-the-pool whistles so everyone could get in the water again.

I wanted to shout out, "How did that bird die? How can we be sure it wasn't the BIRD FLU??"

Maybe it was only Global Warming.

We try to put pool contaminants out of our mind in the summer, don't we? The kids got back in the water. I wiped Hank's nose and away we swam.

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