Saturday, June 23, 2007

That's a lot of sugar

What a busy Saturday: one speech therapy client, 2X2 birthday parties, one dog bike ride, one dog run, two dead baby bunnies (courtesy the dog), one lawn mowed, one gathering at the neighbors, and one street dance with fireworks. Whew!

Hope's comment about the band: "They're just like the Doodlebops! (Only older, all male, and way more like ZZ Top than any kids' band I've ever seen.)

Hank's impression of his favorite Beastie Boy fails to impress his father.

Hope got some ink at one of the birthday parties. Little known fact: Most Disney Princesses do in fact have tattoos. It's true.

Hank: I may be over my Weight Watchers' Points by a few carbs tonight.


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