Monday, August 27, 2007


If any good can be gleaned from the Michael Vick situation, it may be an increased public awareness of dogfighting and the need to stop this sickening spectacle. Since Vick's indictment, animal control agencies across the country have reported a sharp increase in the number of calls about dogfighting.

I read the news today about Michael Vick's apology and while my initial reaction was almost total skepticism, I hope he is speaking truthfully. I hope that he can demonstrate a life that is transformed from such soul-less, cruel behavior. That would be a miracle and a lesson for all of us. And I believe miracles are possible.

The Bolcom finale for Songs of Innocence and Experience comes to mind:

(Special note to Mr. Bickerson: I promise this in the last you will ever hear about Bolcom from me.)

Cruelty has a human heart...

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