Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I love my mailman and I am AWESOME

He was kind enough to take my beleaguered package to the post office himself. Sweet relief.

Next on the agenda: I will hunt down and administer a stern talking to the person who decided to model this house's A/C condensation tubing drainage system after his favorite Rube Goldberg contraption. The tubing runs through a distant closet, under the carpet, and then into the laundry room. Very little downward sloping involved. Lots of horizontal tube. No gravity action working with us. Every one or two years there's a little panic session involving wet carpeting and further enhanced baseboard warping. Today I was bright enough to look inside the wet vac before commencing the suck up. It appears the filter (for dry vacuuming) hasn't been changed since 1998. So I changed that AND I cleaned the gunk out of the tubes.

Does anyone appreciate what I contribute to the Hanson House of Creeps? Anybody? Anyone?

Would someone remind me to check the tubing at the beginning of A/C season next year?

Have you noticed that my 2.5 Days of Rage have lengthened into, well, I don't know yet, but it's way more than 2.5!


  1. You ROCK,
    No, I will not tell you to do that every season because you already know.

    You should start a "Gilrs with Tools" school. I'd pay for that.


  2. Thank you for that much appreciated validation of my skilz, Mary.

    The Girls with Tools School will open in the fall. There will be two courses of study offered: 1) Blowing Crap Out of Your A/C Condensation Tubes 101, and 2) Unfreezing Your Frozen Water Pipes with a Conair Blow Dryer. There will be a lecture and a lab for each class. Grading will be pass/fail.