Monday, February 08, 2010

Art is in the eye of the beholder and some artists are impatient


After going to Michael's for the third time to get the perfect frameless frame for 'Defending the Piano,' I headed on down to the MIA after church to drop off my photograph.

It was snowing and cold. The line was long. The people were interesting. There will be wild art variety to see when the exhibit opens. Behind me in line were two young art students. One was dropping off her own print and one for a friend. Another girl had made a self-portrait with multiple exposures of film with an old camera. She made herself look like a ghost. A naked ghost. A friend of hers emerged from the other end of the line. He dropped off a cat skeleton that he had exhumed and wired together. I think he considered himself a bit of a green artist.

On the other side of me was an older woman. Typical Minnesota nice lady. Quilt square type. Garrison Keillor type. She had a old, framed photograph of a woman. I think this nice lady's great-grandson had gotten his hands on the photo and colored the subject's hair - over the frame glass - with a Sharpie. Because someone had colored the glass over the subject's hair with black marker. It was unusual. So this was her art. And maybe she did it. She was a little crazy. She let a late-comer in line move ahead of her after asking me if I minded. I didn't but about 25 people in line behind me did mind. A lot. Luckily, the line looped back and forth in the Target Gallery for a couple of hours enabling the angry mini-mob behind us to give her the evil eye and read her the riot act. There was ongoing heckling happening on line. At one point Minnesota nice lady left the line to find phone access so I was left to receive the brunt of the heckling since the mob thought she and I were buddies. (Do I look like Minnesota nice? Garrison Keillor type? Quilt square lady's bff?) It was unpleasant and I was glad when Minnesota nice lady came back to her spot so she could handle the mob. There was a lot of eye rolling.

I'm glad it's over, to be honest.

(Cat skeleton man had cute shoes, though.)


  1. hahahahaha!!!! Sometimes crazy people are funny.

  2. There is a Lego sculpture at Foot In The Door called "The Colorful Cabin" done by my 9-year-old daughter.

    We waited in line from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm to submit. She got a little tired near the end, but I told her she was "suffering for her art." I don't think she bought it.