Friday, August 17, 2007

Pondering important stuff while mowing

I like to listen to my mp3 player while I mow and I usually just think about a few ideas while I do it: I think about some of the songs that come on; I think about how I'm glad we don't have a riding mower because the walk-behind mower is good exercise and if we did have a riding mower I would for sure have a cup holder on one side for water or iced coffees and a feed bag on the other full of sweet potato chips; I think about how I shouldn't complain about mowing since I've only done it twice this summer; I wonder if the bees in the underground bees' nest will ever chase me down again like they did about five years ago; I wonder what Peggy eats. I think about those kinds of things.

But today it was a little different. I had this thought creep into my mind for some reason and it wouldn't let go. And it was this: Does Prince ever drive his own car? And if he does, is he a pretty good driver on icy roads? I have a feeling he's a pretty good driver in bad weather.

I couldn't get it out of my head this afternoon.


  1. That is a hard one to shake.

    I would have to think that he doesn't. You know...his size for one, that steering wheel might be hard to see over and then there's all that money. He just doesn't have to.

  2. I could see him tooling around in a Mini Cooper. I bet he uses the left lane for passing and otherwise stays to the right.