Saturday, September 15, 2007

The new helmet rule

The days of the inconsistently applied helmet rule are over. The new rule: No helmet; no bike. No helmet; no skateboard. And this will be our new style of helmet:

Hank attempted to make a big jump off of a skateboard ramp on his bike with no helmet. I was at a choral workshop and Mr. Bickerson was in charge. Everybody is okay but there are some doozy bruises on the forehead, cheek, and lip. What treatment do you think Mr. B. offered? This is Exhibit A how different dads and moms can be. He offered an ice pack and some Evil Knievel on TV. And the truth is Hank is quite content with that kind of rehabilitation. I asked our resident dog whisperer/ER nurse to check him out. She said he's okay and recommends he get on his bike tomorrow for a little spin around the neighborhood.


  1. Wow, he looks pretty out of it! I hope he's fine. Our friends' 12-year-old daughter had to get stitches a couple of weeks ago from a scooter accident off a skateboard ramp. I'm having second thoughts about getting William one now!

  2. Don't these stories always start out with, "One day, while (fill in your husband's name here) was in charge . . ."