Friday, October 05, 2007

Honoring the Superfunny

One of the highlights of my day (I have many for which I am so grateful -- they help to dampen the effect of children who come off the school bus everyday screaming for INSTANT GRATIFICATION in the form of CHOCOLATE and TV and PLAYDATES NOW DAMN IT I SAID NOW!!!!) is putting on the earphones and listening to the podcast of The Dennis Miller Radio Show while I fold clothes, vaccum, run Peggy, pick up dog poop, remove hidden, petrified bagels from under Hank's blankets, etc.

No matter what your politics, you have to admit that he puts on a highly entertaining radio program. Today a caller phoned in to talk about the new Caveman show which I haven't seen yet and was apparently panned by everyone alive except Dennis Miller. He started reminiscing about Phil Hartman and his Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer sketches on SNL. Flashback to 9 years ago when Phil Hartman was killed. My mom called me because she knew how funny he was and how much I, among millions of other people, liked him on SNL, Newsradio, etc. That was a sad day, the day he died. Here's a little montage I found on You Tube:

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