Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random post-performance ramblings

Who was Ted Mann anyway? Oh.

When you are in the chorus of a musical which has long stretches of non-chorus involvment, one way to entertain yourself during the show is to think about which animals in a zoo fellow chorus members would be if they were zoo animals. My alto friend Jamie said I would be a teddy bear. A what? She does not play by the rules.

SNL: Jon Bon Jovi is the host and I believe he is teasing us by sporting a mini-mullet. Rewind and go look at the opening.

The Darjeeling Limited better be good. I feel like someone owes me for the time I spent viewing The Life Aquatic even though Bottle Rocket + The Royal Tenenbaums + Rushmore > One pretty bad movie experience. Still. That was at least $9 wasted.

What exactly is the divorce rate for couples who go through a kitchen remodel? It's gotta be kinda high.

Speaking of movies, (I'm agreeing with Gary here despite our remodeling issues), I'm leaning against seeing The Bee Movie strictly in response to the overkill of advertising. Have you noticed? Everything's a Bee Movie ad. Beg me to see it? No. Pay me to see it? I'll consider.

And now we're back to SNL: Darrell Hammond's Al Gore impression pleases me.

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  1. zoo animals = brilliant! during that performance, I feel as though I might've been one of those polar bears that sleeps all day.