Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Strange brew

How much sugar do you put in your coffee in the morning? I watched a man pour nine packets of sugar in his cup at Caribou this morning. He opened and poured them one at a time. While that was happening, (I was in an in-grocery store coffee shop), another gentleman entered the store, walked over to the motorized grocery carts you sometimes see, drove it forward two feet, got off and ordered a coffee. He then got back on the cart and drove it three feet to the pick-up counter, retrieved his coffee, backed up approximately five feet to its original parked position, got off and walked out of the store. I think it was some kind of performance art. I know I was entertained.


  1. The crazy men knew each other. They are PhD students in psychology, observing your every move. Don't panic.

  2. Oh, I think like a quarter cup of French Vanilla creamer. I don't really want to know.