Saturday, November 03, 2007


We know very little about swimming and a friend and fellow swim team parent at the Y thinks it's odd that, not only do Gary and I not know what times our kids have in certain swim events, sometimes we don't even know what events they are swimming in. Gary was timing races all of today and I was wrangling small children who couldn't care less what was going on in the pool when they weren't in it. But I decided we should take a look at the times since it turns out Hank came in first in the 50 yd freestyle last week, unbeknownst to us. So I tried to pay attention to their times today. Hank did really well and most of all had fun with his relay buddies. Hope did great, too, and loved all the attention heaped on her and the other tiny swimmers by the older girls. They cheered like crazy.

In looking at her times, I have decided that Hope could shave off at least 30 seconds of her 1 minute, 31.22 second 25 yd. breaststroke if she would stop waving to the crowd every time she popped her head up for a breath. I'm no swimmer but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to wave to the spectators every time you breathe. That's a little bit physics and zero rocket science.

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