Thursday, December 06, 2007

Man cold

Gary didn't call paramedics like this guy did but he did call our neighbor who was a part-time ER doc. Gary was pretty convinced he was going to die of a sore throat and, because I couldn't stand any more whining and moaning, I went out to see Delores Claiborn which was a movie based on a Stephen King story where a woman kills her husband. Ha ha. Ha. Gary ended up having an emergency tonsillectomy and a lot of morphine for some serious pain. Apparently it is painful to grow an absess where your tonsils ought to be.

Great minds think alike...or like to deny suffering experienced by others. Fast-forward several years to a Sunday morning when by all outward appearances I am clearly having a freaking stroke. Gary takes me to the emergency room and tries to convince the ER doctor that he could probably take me home and do a couple of loads of laundry for me and I would be okay. Because he thought I was having a nervous breakdown. It turned out it was the best three-day vacation of my life (next to the Boundary Waters trip).

I tell this story because it makes me laugh a lot. And every time I tell it I have to apologize for re-embarrassing my man because when Gary realized how sick I was he was pretty scared that I was going to die.

Nevertheless, he is a weeny when he has a Man-cold.

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