Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Help me?

Will one of you please tell me when you think I need an MRI?

Hope brought home her school yearbook today. I called my friend to inquire about the kids in the other kindergarten section in Hope's school. Not being that familiar with those students I was quite surprised to see not one but TWO sets of twins in the other class! With VERY SIMILAR NAMES. Like BOB and BOBBY. And JULES and JULIE. Twins aren't all that unusual these days but twins with the SAME NAMES ARE.

Mary's answer? Picture retakes.

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  1. I knew a Ronda and a Londa. That's close enough. I also knew a family with two girls born three years apart, named Theresa and Teri. Oh yeah, I also knew a family who named both sons (born 20 years apart) Michael. How about that boxer dude who sells George Foreman grills? Uh . . . George Foreman? Aren't all five of his kids named George?

    BTW . . . I'm trying hard not to blog after having 2 beers for the first time in a couple years.