Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Hope!

I have never known a child happier to be 6. It feels like she's been 5 for three years. So far the sixth year has been a good one. Hope celebrated at camp, her brother's football practice, and at Fuddruckers which, by the way, is hanging on by a very, very thin thread. I have never been there when there have been more than five customers and two employees. Not my favorite place to eat a dinner (let alone a birthday dinner) but it was a request. And we did get to play DDR.

As for presents, I will report on one of them: The Leapfrog TAG Reading System. It's like a reading teacher in a magical pen. A-maze-ing. I just hope they will come out with interactive books for adults using the same system! It's WAY too much fun. Highly recommended for you beginning readers out there. (You know who you are.)

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