Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation report: Day one

We picked up Hope's amoxicillin to treat her convenient, vacation-day-departure case of strep throat from the Cub Foods in Golden Valley at 12 before departing to Iowa in time to make the train at 8:09 p.m. As luck would have it the train was only about 1.5 hours late departing Osceola and it was able to stretch that delay out across Nebraska to make it three hours late arriving in Glenwood Springs. Our sleeper car was great and the children LOVED it. They both had upper bunks for the 30 minutes of sleeping that took place during the night. At around 1 a.m. Gary exclaimed, "Why is it raining Pizza-flavored Pringles on my head?" Because you were the one who bought the chips so that the kids would have something crumbly to wash down when they drank their Fanta -- strawberry flavored/red colored. Did they spill some of it in the sleeper car? You bet they did!

Day two is going well. We have major fear-conquering happening with an 8-year-old boy we know. Here's a scene from today's achievement:

Hotel tram view

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  1. Please don't say it was only 30 minutes of sleeping. No, no, no,no,no. We're going to have our own sleeper car experience on Sunday...which I hope involves more than 30 minutes of sleeping!