Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation report continued

Day 2: Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park. Highly recommended. Hope had fun but was disappointed that the Canyon Flyer alpine coaster wouldn't go faster. Hank liked it at a slower speed. Both kids liked the mechanical bull ride. Hank wanted it to go fast enough to buck him off but we had to ask the operator to slow it down to a gentle twirl for Hope.

Day 3: Relatives in Denver and Colorado Rockies v. the Diamondbacks. Nice ballpark! Relaxing dinner with Aunt Karen, Uncle David, cousins Derek and Kirsten and Kitty, and all the second cousins. We made the most of a short visit. We were highly entertained by a persistent Rockies fan who got a wave going in the stadium after trying over and over and over. Kept Derek up WAY too late talking and reminiscing.

Day 4: Drove through the Garden of the Gods and made a brief stop at Santa's Workshop on our way to Royal Gorge. Awesome. A storm blew up midway through our visit at the park and when we crossed the long suspension bridge it was bouncing up and down with the whistling wind. Scary but fun. There was a petting zoo consisting solely of miniature goats and one cow. There was a flatulent gold and silver prospector who deserves his own blog post at a later date. There was a merry-go-round.

We are here in Salida now enjoying a discounted suite at Holiday Inn Express where we have a room for the adults and one for the kids, who have been very well behaved, I must say, but they talk a lot and let's face it: Gary and I are not the best listeners. Oh, and there were two run-away horses trotting through the hotel parking lot, followed by a police car and a cowboy when we arrived.

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  1. Too bad there's not a picture of the runaway horses! I think we stayed at the same place when I was a kid. The parking lot was filled with toads that were run out of the weeds due to excessive rains.