Thursday, October 09, 2008

Too much?

Mary wrote about being over-extended over at her place. I'm wondering if we have the same problem with our extracurricular activities and if there is not enough down time for the kids. And me. And Gary. Not Peggy, though. She does not care for down time.

Sunday: Sunday school and church, swim practice

Monday: football, swim practice, occasional choral rehearsal

Tuesday: choir, football

Wednesday: pizza at church (!), children's choir

Thursday: Piano, football, cub scouts 2x/month, rehearsal approx 1/month

Friday: chess club, swim practice

Saturday: football, swim meets.

And these are the important television shows we want to watch: Survivor, Amazing Race, House, Fringe, The Biggest Loser, The Dog Whisperer, Intervention, 30 Rock, The Office, and The Beverly Hillbillies (Hope's new favorite). How are we going to get it all in?

1 comment:

  1. Ymmm,you nee to make sure that your getting enough TV time in. If those kids activities are getting int he way CUT'EM.